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Environmentally sustainable & recyclable tableware products.

Ecosoulife is an environmentally conscious company on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic and foam, which fill our landfills and waterways.

Together we can make the change!

New Range: All Natural

Our latest range - we use raw materials like corn, soy bean and natural waste. The All Natural range is a healthy alternative and solution to plastic and melamine ware.

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Our new 'All Natural' range

Product Showcase: Large Eco Takeaway box

Our new large eco takeway box is larger, it has a secure seal, and an internal divider.

It's made from Rice Husk fibres and other vegetable plants. It has kept the lovely natural raw material colour.

  • Reusable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Withstands temperatures between 30°C - 120°C (86°F-248°F)
  • Great alternative to Plastic Ware
  • BPA free, Melamine free
  • Biodegrades within 2 - 3 years

Perfect for schools, canteens, cafes, and you!

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Eco Takeaway Box


We use sustainable materials like corn starch, rice husk, bamboo fiber, palm leaf, sugarcane and wheat straw. Using naturally-sourced (often repurposed) materials allows us to develop and manufacture products with the smallest environmental footprint possible.


Through years of research and decades of experience, we’ve cultivated relationships with the most relevant global sources to produce an award-winning line of products that are safer for the planet. We continue to test advanced bio materials and methods to help end plastic dependency.


Made primarily of organic waste, our products are designed to leave behind as little waste as possible when we create them and when we decide to throw them away. We put ZERO plastic or petroleum-based ingredients into our products allowing them to return back to nature.