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Ecosoulife founders, Gal and Sharon Benjamin, found themselves inspired by the enthusiasm of their eldest son – a young and humble advocate of the environment committed to the most ideal disposal methods for the family’s household waste in order to reduce effect of plastic on our planet.

With their son’s passion igniting their own environmental consciousness, Gal and Sharon sought to create products that could eliminate the damaging effects plastics have on nature and its ecosystems. After years of extensive research and investments in the development of materials and products, EcoSouLife® was born.

Today, we are an award-winning, globally distributed line of sustainable household, commercial and outdoor products. We support farmers by helping them repurpose agricultural waste like corn, wheat & rice husks and fallen palm leaves. Our safer, greener alternatives are designed to merge into the natural raw materials once buried within much shorter time as compared to oil-based plastics. With technology ever evolving, we constantly research the most ideal manufacturing methods and materials that helps further to reduce our environmental footprint while making them more affordable and accessible.


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Ecosoulife is an environmentally conscious company on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic and foam, which fill our landfills and waterways. What’s at stake is far too precious to ignore and that is why we’re driven to develop products that are not just aesthetically pleasing to the eye or use the highest quality materials – they help protect our ecosystems from poisonous debris, our landfills from harmful waste and help keep our families away from toxic contaminants.

Our Mission

While we encourage the use of reusable, we know our vision will only become a reality by offering solutions as dynamic and mobile as the lifestyles of the customers we serve. From commercial food service to your home, we offer hundreds of innovative and eco-friendly solutions without compromise. We have a range of products which are plastic-free, BPA-free, plant-based and fully biodegradable. Being an eco-conscious is not only from our Soul but it’s our way of Life.