With the rainy season coming to an end in India everyone is once again excited for winter camping. Ecosoulife, an environmentally conscious company is on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic and foam, which fill our landfills and waterways. Their products are made from vegetable matter of bamboo and cornstarch to save the environment from the hazards of chemicals.


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Our latest feature in the Spring edition of the Complete Health magazine talks about how Ecosoulife products are safe for your kids as they are made from completely natural resources without the use of chemicals. Plastic is created using hazardous substances and chemicals that can seep into food through tableware, Ecosoulife produces 100% big-degradable tableware without the use of any chemicals which makes it safer for you and safer for your little ones.

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According to ecolunchboxes.com's Lunch Study, the average family could save $453 a year by switching from disposable plastic and/or pre-packaged lunch items, and using reusable and refillable containers. Switching to non-plastic items has additional health benefits as well -- as ... Read More.

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, well in this case it did. The city of Mumbai was once again brought to a standstill as the streets were flooded with water and vehicles submerged in them. One Mumbaikar who witnessed this horror back in 2005 shared her views with us on what could possibly be the reason for this disastrous flood. Our sympathy goes out to the victims of the flood and wish them a speedy recovery.


29th August 2017 I sit stranded in a bus that is surrounded by water. The level kept rising every hour while rain poured heavily all over the city of Mumbai. Sitting there helpless, my mind wandered to the dreadful day of 26th July 2005 when I was sitting stranded in a parlor surrounded by water, and the level... Read More.

If you’re planning on a last-minute getaway for Labor Day weekend, planning a picnic, or headed out camping, then you need to check out EcoSouLife. They have perfect planet friendly, picnic products that are not only better for your family, but much better for our Earth.

The picnic products you choose are not usually safe for our planet. However, EcoSouLife is changing that. 

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Open House - Outdoor in the City During our Outdoor in the City – Open House on 16th and 17th May 2017 we presented four EcoSouLife product series: Bamboo, Rice Husk, Palm Leaf & Corn Starch During these two days journalists of different medias were welcomed to attend and hereby explore products in a nice, relaxed and clean atmosphere. We offered individual appointments as well as the chance to have a quick look around and find out what’s new. The overall goal was to present the dishes of EcoSouLife in the best possible way and for the journalists to gain professional knowledge fast and efficient.

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To spare the littlest consumers from exposure to melamine and other chemicals in tableware, EcoSouLife makes its new line of accessories from rice husks - the hard protective coverings on grains of rice that are separated during the milling process. It`s durable and dishwasher safe but biodegradable within two to three years. Transforming agricultural waste into safe tableware for toddlers? That`s something we can get behind. Read More.
Ecosoulife is an environmentally conscious company on a mission to deliver guilt-free disposable and reusable alternatives to the plastic and foam dinnerware which fill our landfills and waterways. We`re driven to develop products that use the highest quality materials - they help protect our ecosystems from poisonous debris. Our landfills from harmful waste and help keep our families away from toxic contaminants. We offer innovative earth-friendly solutions without compromise - Tree-free, BPA-free, planet-based and biodegradable. Read More.
There`s no doubt that disposable tableware made from plastic and paper is convenient. But plastic contributes to toxic pollution, clutters landfills, and never degrades, while paper products contribute to deforestation. Enter EcoSouLife Husk Reusable tableware. These plates, bowls, utensils, and drinkware are made from rice husks in a process that repurposes the organic waste from manufacturing rice-waste that would otherwise be burned, creating harmful CO2 gas. They`re elegant and durable, yet they biodegradable within three years if tossed out. And you can use them in the dishwasher and microwave. Try the company`s other, equally chic tableware lines too, including Bamboo Reusable and Cornstarch Disposable. Read More.
EcoSouLife launched a line of biodegradable household and outdoor tableware. The Australia-based company currently offers its products in 23 countries. Materials used in the include rice husk, corn starch, bamboo, wheat straw, palm leaf and more. Read More.