EcoSouLife makes all-natural dishes and products that are safe for both your baby and the environment. The Husk Little People set is a great way to feed your kids on biodegradable dishes that are a durable alternative to clay, porcelain, or glass tableware.


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With summer around the corner, Australia prepares itself for camping and picnic trips. What we fail to realise is the litter that we cause during these trips adds up to the landfill increasing the carbon footprint. UrbanMeisters and writer Jessica Burgess have identified the advantage of using Eco-friendly products from Ecosoulife that help reduce wastage, keeping the... Read More.

Melbourne has won the award for the most livable city for 7 years in a row now, but with climate change and urbanisation the charm of Melbourne can soon be lost.

We are also witnessing the most unstable conditions in the past 10 years. This event was help to raise awareness to ensure the development using sustainable means and preserving the beauty of the city.

We teamed up with Friends of the Earth Melbourne and encouraged their fundraisers to achieve their goal by sponsoring Ecosoulife gift vouchers.

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Education should be a necessity not a luxury. Unfortunately many girls around the world are deprived of education forcing them to live a life of poverty and abuse.

Recently an all you can eat barbecue was held at Victoria University, Melbourne Australia where the winner was awarded an #ecofriendlyvoucher from Ecosoulife

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What do we really know about climate change? Or a much more appropriate question to ask is why do we need to care?

The issue of climate change has been around for many years now, and yet people seem not to think of it as a serious threat to human life - let alone to their mere existence. Yes, there are many government agencies and not-for-profit organizations that study climate change and its impact on the environment to ensure that every measure is taken to prevent, or at the very least, minimize its adverse effects.

Truth be told – the plight of climate change all over the world, including Australia’s, continues to worsen. Recent studies on climate change predict the future (and scary) direction of our environmental condition, which includes... Read More.

Jess from Perth is an avid environmentalist who tries to follow a zero waste lifestyle trying to make the environment a better place for us to live in. In the article she describes how she and her friends minimized wastage on her recent camping trip by undertaking some simple initiatives and using Eco-friendly products by Ecosoulife.


When we think about camping it’s easy to think that taking as many disposable items is the best option, mainly to reduce the weight of baggage. What we fail to realise is that it will end up in landfill polluting our environment. I just went on a camping trip with my family of 4 and a few other families from the vicinity, in total we were 10 adults and 9 children. My goal was to try and reduce the waste... Read More.

We are happy to see that people are slowly switching to greener alternatives and boycotting the use of plastic. Jess from Perth is one such blogger who use our products on her recent camping trip with her family... Read More.

“The argument is over. Anyone that doesn't believe that climate change is happening doesn't believe in science.” These words from Leonardo Dicaprio resounded in my ears when a nearby suburb of Auckland was flooded in March 2017. As reported by The Herald, New Lynn was one of the most affected areas as 54 families were asked to evacuate their homes. It made me realise that I am NOT tucked into a far safe corner of the world.


Climate change is happening around the world and its effects can be seen in New Zealand. As per a recent report by ... Read More.

The livability of our city requires more than meeting the standards of our business people. We want to ensure that the sustainability of our city is accessible for everyone.

Sustainability needs be a marker of how we interact with our neighbors, how we move around to go to work or the shops, and how we imagine a city that is thriving but not consuming more resources than we can produce.

Join the walk on the 7th of October 2017 to contribute to a more sustainable future and act on climate change.


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