Coffee on the go is crucial to many a commuter, but for women trying to avoid plastic cups, the microwave-safe options are limited. That's where the EcoSouLife Travel Cup 2-pack is a great design.

They are made from PLA -- a corn, sugarcane, and cassava root material that biodegrades in 3 years if buried, but can last decades in regular household use and can be microwaved for 2-3 minutes at a time without issue.

These cups are very strong and unlike their glass counterparts, can withstand dropping on the floor. The silicone tops are easy to take on and off, but hold well to avoid spills enroute.


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EcoSouLife makes all-natural dishes and products that are safe for both your baby and the environment. The Husk Little People set is a great way to feed your kids on biodegradable dishes that are a durable alternative to clay, porcelain, or glass tableware.


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With summer around the corner, Australia prepares itself for camping and picnic trips. What we fail to realise is the litter that we cause during these trips adds up to the landfill increasing the carbon footprint. UrbanMeisters and writer Jessica Burgess have identified the advantage of using Eco-friendly products from Ecosoulife that help reduce wastage, keeping the... Read More.

Melbourne has won the award for the most livable city for 7 years in a row now, but with climate change and urbanisation the charm of Melbourne can soon be lost.

We are also witnessing the most unstable conditions in the past 10 years. This event was help to raise awareness to ensure the development using sustainable means and preserving the beauty of the city.

We teamed up with Friends of the Earth Melbourne and encouraged their fundraisers to achieve their goal by sponsoring Ecosoulife gift vouchers.

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