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Wheatstraw 9" Main Plate 20 PC

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Wheatstraw Plate 9", 20 PC

EcoSouLife Wheat Straw products are made from 100% all-natural wheat straw. Wheat straw is a free, renewable resource made of the crushed fibers and stalks of wheat that remains after being harvested for other agricultural uses. This leftover material is usually treated as "waste" and typically disposed of by farmers by burning which can lead to atmospheric waste as well as health and safety hazards. By purchasing the wheat straw material from the farmers, we help create new revenue streams for farmers and generating better economic growth for their community.  

Wheat Straw Plates are available in standard 6", standard 9" and divided 10" sizes.


  • Compostable within 30-90 days 
  • Oven safe to above 180°C (356°Fahrenheit) for up to 20 minutes. 
  • Water (100°C/212°F) and Oil (120°C/248°F) resistant 
  • Microwave Safe 
  • Refrigerator and Freezer Safe 
  • Suitable for hot and cold food and drinks. 
  • Leak proof material, will ensure no wearing out while being used. 
  • Better, all-natural alternative to traditional paper, and styrofoam products. 
  • Product Includes: 20 X Wheatstraw 9" Compostable Plates

    Model(s): WSR16-1005

    *Made of 100% wheat straw, this material does not have a specified shelf date. Plates should be kept dry and not exposed to extreme cold, heat or humid conditions for an extended period of time. This product begins to naturally biodegrade when buried in traditional or industrial compost systems, soil or landfills when moisture, bacteria and other factors are present. Biodegradation period may vary depending on environmental conditions.