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Deep Square Box With Lid, Bamboo Pulp 125 bag / 500 ctn

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Made from Bamboo pulp and vegetable matter. Once buried in the ground, these products will biodegrade back into the earth making them the best natural alternative to other petroleum-based, single-use containers.

Raw Materials – Bamboo pulp
Perfect for outdoor use
Bamboo Pulp commercial containers are available in Natural

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Made from Plants!
Raw Materials – Bamboo Pulp
Compostable within 30 – 90 days
Microwave safe
Refrigerator and Freezer safe
Water (100°C / 212°F) and Oil ( 95°C / 203°F) resistant for up to 30 minutes
Suitable for hot and cold food and drinks.
Leak proof material, will ensure no wearing out while being used
American FDA, SGS, BRC and other approved tests.

Product Includes: 4 X 125 PC Bags (Total Case Count 500 Pieces)