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EcoSouLife 140 PC Set Box Cornstarch MaterialEcoSouLife 140 PC Set Box Cornstarch Material

Cornstarch Disposable Set (84 PC)

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Set your party table with EcoSouLife’s disposable set which includes plates, bowls cups and cutlery. Suitable for hosting parties for up to 20 people. Get the best out of nature with replacing plastic disposables and melamine with eco friendly materials like cornstarch that are biodegradable, durable and leak resistant.

Ecosoulife Cornstarch range is an affordable alternative to harmful plastics, Styrofoam, and paper we regularly use. EcoSouLife’s cornstarch range is best suited for special occasions, parties and celebrations. Made using Bio-based materials like cornstarch once disposed off in the ground, these products will biodegrade safely back into the earth.

Product Features:

Will start Biodegrading within approx 2 years (subject to climatic conditions)
MaterialCornstarch - smooth matte finish
Temperature ResistanceHeat & Cold resistant
Up to 120°c (248°F)
Additional FeaturesCertified Product
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
Durable & Leak proof
Food Safe
BPA Free

Size: 26 cm(L) * 18 cm(W) * 25 cm(H)

Weight: 1080 grams

Package Includes:

12 Person Disposable set ( 84 Pieces)

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