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EcoSouLife Divided Plate Group Cornstarch MaterialEcoSouLife Divided Plate Group Cornstarch Material

Cornstarch Divided Plate (20PC)

$ 9

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Our disposable Cornstarch range is an affordable option for plant-based plastic substitute. These cornstarch products use renewable agricultural derived starch which look and feel like regular plastic but are actually 100% compostable at the end of its usable life. Cornstarch Divided plates are best option for various food options at the same time. View our other cornstarch products here.

  • EcoSouLife has its Cornstarch range as a perfect healthy alternative to plastics, Styrofoam and paper.time
  • When buried, these products return back to nature without harming the environment and leaving any trace.

Product Features:

Will start Biodegrading within approx 2 years (subject to climatic conditions)
MaterialCornstarch - smooth matte finish
Temperature ResistanceHeat & Cold resistant
Up to 120°c (248°F)
Additional FeaturesCertified Product
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
Durable & Leak proof
Food Safe
BPA Free

Size: 22 cm 

Weight: 450 grams

Package Includes: 20 Pieces * Cornstarch Divided Plates

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