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EcoSouLife 10 PC Bowl Harvest MaterialEcoSouLife 10 PC Bowl Harvest Material

10PC Harvest Bowl

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Disposable party supplies that you can compost in your back yard! Made of wheat straw and bamboo pulp these are an affordable and guilt free alternative to regular plastic. Suitable for any indoor or outdoor events. By purchasing harvest products we aid in the removal of usual burning practice which causes pollution, we also support farmers by using wasted wheat straw, which also contributes to economic growth of the community. Using Harvest products you can save our environment and at the same time will contribute to better health.

  • Our Harvest range is a perfect healthy alternative to traditional paper, plastics, thermocol and Styrofoam
  • When buried, these products return back to nature without harming the environment or leaving any trace.

Product Features:

Home Compostable within approx 30-90 days (subject to climatic conditions)
MaterialWheat straw cane - made from plants!
Made up from wheat straw, bamboo pulp and sugarcane
Natural Colouring
Contains no wax or plastic coating
Microwave SafeYes up to 2 minutes
Heat ResistantUp to 100°c (212°F)
Cold ResistantRefrigerator & Freezer Safe
Additional FeaturesCertified Product
Food Safe
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
No specified shelf date
Leak proof material

Size: 17 Oz / 500 ml

Weight: 100 grams

Package Includes: 10 *  Wheat straw bowls

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