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EcoSouLife Reusable Ultimate Office PackEcoSouLife Reusable Ultimate Office Pack

Office Keep Temp Set

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!CLEARANCE! Last chance only while stocks last!CLEARANCE! !CLEARANCE! Last chance only while stocks last!CLEARANCE!

This ultimate set is perfect for taking your lunch to work or school! Rice Husk Fiber is usually disposed and burnt, creating more pollution. Using this by-product we turned it into natural products for everyday use! The elegant shiny finish comes from the natural material, meaning no harmful coating chemicals or toxins will be released into your food. Stylish choice for home and outdoor lifestyle.

  • When buried, these products return back to nature without harming the environment and leaving any trace.
  • Perfect for storing food and keeping it fresh!
  • Air tight container

Product Features:

Biodegradable within approx 2-3 years (subject to climatic conditions)
MaterialRice Husk fiber - made from agricultural waste!
Made up from rice husk shell
Natural material colour
Temperature ResistanceHeat and cold resistant
Up to 120°c (248°F)
Microwave SafeYes up to 2 minutes
Dishwasher SafeYes - Top Shelf recommended.
If you are looking to maximise the life of your products, we recommend to hand wash the products in warm water with soap and then allow to air dry.
Additional FeaturesCertified Product
BPA Free
Food Safe
Perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Package Includes:
1 * Rice Husk On-The-Go Box Set
1 * Rice Husk Mug
1 * Keep Temp Bag

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