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Square Plate (25PC)

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Made of naturally-fallen Areca Nut trees from India, these leaves are washed, dried and processed through a high-heat mold press to shape them into one of our many designs.

Our forests are untouched in the collection and production processes. The villages collect these naturally fallen leaves and in turn protect the forest. The environment is providing for these villages, assisting both their lifestyle and also the environment!

Before packaging, they are UV-sterilized and ready for the table.
We add no coatings or dyes, keeping these high quality, durable plates gorgeous, all-natural and biodegradable in under 13 weeks.

Compostable and Disposable
Oven safe for 45 minutes to 180°c
Refrigerator and freezer safe
Heat Resistant
Made from naturally fallen leaves, making each product unique
Compostable and ecological within 90-180 days
Microwave safe up to 2 minutes
UV Treated